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How you can help

If you want to support idea of dog  shelters as a humane way to help stray and abandoned dogs you can help us to continue our work.

Our work solely depends on citizens and companies  help and sponsorships.

It is very difficult to struggle with problem of stray dogs in our country because we still have a large number of abandoned  animals and iresponsible owners.

That s why we are counting on your help!

How you can help?


kako pomoci

Our goal is to find good familly homes for our dogs.

All dogs from our shelter are neutered, vaccinated, cleanded from parasites and micro chipped.

We have adoption conditions and interview with potential owners.

Virtal adoptions

The best and the easiest way to help our dogs is to virtally adopt them-that means that you sponsored one ore more dogs that you choose.

In that way you provide food, vet care and comfortable life for that animal/s.

For the survival of one dog per month we need

You can virtually adopt dog  for 20 eur per month or more and one dog can have more virtual godparents.

In this way you not only to provide car for one dog but also help us to continue with rescuing of abandoned and stray dogs.

If you want to help us in this way please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We thank you for choosing to help our dog shelter!


If you want to donate to our shelter, please click on link to follow instructions

payment in EUR

payment in USD

Please before you send donation contact us via e mail.

Also you can donate for dog health,for certain medical treatment of our dogs details

Inform other people

Inform people about us and our work.

Put our baner or link to our site.